Sumi-based work
My Sumi work is based on
the Japanese Sumi-e style
of ink brush painting,
emphasizing simplicity,
implied design components
and emotion
rather than precise rendering.
I start with ink on paper.
Working through a
repetitive design process,
extraneous details fall away,
leaving a more refined image
to help guide my glass work.
The featured works are entirely glass.
The process requires steady hands
and patience.
Dry powdered glass is sifted
onto clear or opal sheet glass,
then moved around with various
tools to form the imagery.
Some details are pre-formed
with a torch.
After being kiln fired
the process may be repeated
many times.
Using glass allows me to build
overlapping, 3-dimensional layers.
Some works
have air space between layers,
changing the view
as the viewer shifts location.
The red "chop" found on this work
is my name, translated as
"Little gem of the forest".
Bamboo for Marvin
Blue and Yellow Iris, 13" x 6"
Cat with Beetle, 14" x 6"
Bamboo with Snail, 14" x 7"
Plum Blossum, 12" x 19"
Big Bamboo, 20" x 7"
Cat with Bug, 11" x 6"
Cherry Tree, 19" x 16"
Dark Blu Bambu
Geisha, 21" x 14"
Hidden Mountain, 21" x 16"
Iris left, Iris right, 11" x 7"
Layered Bamboo
Cat and Mouse, 14" x 6"
Lotus Flower, 12" x 21"
Lotus Leaf, 12" x 21"
Light Blue Bamboo, 12" x 8"
Pine Tree, 11" x 17"
Pink Iris
Sumac, 11" x 12"
Tall Bamboo
Framed Cat with Bug, 13" x 7"
Framed Teasel, 20" x 8"
Two Iris, Two Lands
Water Lilies, 21" x 14"
Wild Orchid, 10" x 6"
Going South, 19" x 9"
Night in Guadalajara
Blue Eyes, 10" x 7"
Diamond Man, 12" x 15"
Mr. Red
Pink, 9" x 5"
Red Curls
Three Faces, 13" x 9"
Wild Hair, 10" x 12"
Windy, 14" x 10"
Mary Hornig - Eugene, OR (541)684-0860